Ville Ponti

Wine Tasting Varese to welcome numerous exhibitors and visitors has chosen a new location as of this 2017 edition, the Ville Ponti Congress Centre, a historic mansion, highly representative and symbol of the city.
A new beautiful setting: the Villa Andrea Ponti in Biumo Superior, well known to Varesini: on three floors, with a great view over the city and its surroundings up to the Monte Rosa massif. Built in 1859-60 in neo-Gothic style designed by Giuseppe Balzaretto, author of the Public Gardens in Milan, the villa is surrounded by a large historic park and is named by the industrialist Andrew Bridges, which acquired the area in 1838 and built along side to another villa (known as the Napoleonic Villa or Villa Fabio Ponti) and the stables and the building housing the host for the staff ( “Saddles”).
Today the complex is managed by the Chamber of Commerce of Varese, who bought it from the third and final Marquis Ponti in 1961.

The territory


Varese – Lake Maggiore

In the heart of Europe, in northern Lombardy, it extends the province of Varese dotted with lakes of all sizes, rich in green and beautifully framed by the Alpine foothills and Alps, a few kilometers from Malpensa Intercontinental Airport, the most important hub southern Europe, the economic capital of Milan and borders with the Swiss Confederation.

These circumstances that can only facilitate the attention to our land already made palatable by the intrinsic landscape quality and especially The acceptance orderly and functional with excellent hotels, campsites, holiday farms, bed and breakfasts, sports facilities of various kinds including excellent golf courses, riding stables, over 100 km of cycle paths and conference venues.

Varese is a lively city on the winding curves of a hilly area, radiated by rivers and lakes, at the foot of the Campo dei Fiori massif.
Varese City Garden is the name that perfectly describes the marriage between art and nature that, for centuries, characterized the soul of the city.
The landscape wealth, architecture and art were much appreciated already in the eighteenth century, when the city became a holiday destination.
Then, in the early twentieth century, with the “bloom” in the area of ​​villas and hotels famous Art Nouveau, the entrepreneurial genius joined the artistic one, embedding itself in a harmonious and exciting landscape.

The history of Varese boasts excellence in the field of sport (basketball, soccer, rowing, cycling) and industry (airplanes, motorcycles, shoes, briar pipes, kitchens).

The Sacro Monte is historical and artistic excellence of the Varese area; in July 2003 it was recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with eight other sites as “cultural landscape of the Sacred Mountains of Piedmont and Lombardy”.
The Holy Mount has always been a destination for visitors and pilgrims; the Sacro Monte of Varese complex includes the Via Sacra, devotional path cobbled ascent, marked by 14 chapels, all different and perfectly integrated into the natural surroundings, each dedicated to one of the represented Rosario mystery, inside, from sculptures and frescoes illustrative.
The point of the Via Sacra highlight is represented by the Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Monte hosting, High Altar, the fifteenth of the Rosary Mystery: The Coronation of the Virgin.
The Sacred Mountain boasts the presence of an inhabited village, which fascinates visitors through the features shady alleys and steep staircases, underpasses illuminated by lanterns and many Art Nouveau villas.

Lake Varese, located at the foot of the Campo dei Fiori, bathes the territory of the capital and eight other municipalities of the province.
The Schiranna, town of Varese overlooking the lake, is becoming an increasingly attractive tourist destination thanks to Zanzi park and bike path.
The park, one of the green lungs of the city, is equipped with tables and grills to allow visitors to spend time outdoors, surrounded by nature and fun.
The bike path, about 30 km, winds around the lake and allows you to practice a healthy sport, in addition to observe picturesque landscapes.
Pearl of the lake is the Isolino Virginia, the prehistoric site of international importance, easily reachable by boat from Biandronno.