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Centro Congressi Ville Ponti – Varese

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Wine Tasting Varese 2018

The return of the Atelier of Varese Wine Tasting Wine, an event born from the collaboration between Luca Savastano and Ivano Antonini, and their determination to give the audience their passion and experience, bringing in one of the most interesting cities in the Northwest of the most important realities of the panorama Italian wine and not. In previous editions they have arrived in the garden city professionals, journalists unions, connoisseurs and simple wine lovers – not only from the Varese area but from all over the northern and central Italy, thus allowing us to reach the goal of contributing to the local culturare growth of the sector.

The city of Varese, has always been known for its cultural itineraries and the beauty of his province, certainly deserves to arouse greater interest even from the world of wine lovers: it is always one of those areas where the quality of food and wine it can rely on a wide array of professionals and enthusiasts winelover. It is to them, but also to all of you, that caters Wine Tasting Varese.

From this year a new location, more space available in the various historical rooms: the increasing number of manufacturers are flanked manageability and even greater commitment on our part to ensure public awareness.

The event this year revolves around the concept of the Atelier: the aim is once again to communicate to the public a feeling of direct contact with the products, thanks to the presence of the wineries managers who will be able to convey to visitors the passion and knowledge that distinguish their work. In addition to the usual proposals, divided between Grand Atelier, Atelier Champagne, Atelier International and Gourmet Atelier, this year visitors will find two important novelties: the Atelier of Franciacorta and the Atelier of the Spirits.

All this, of course, lacking in our initial approach: enhancing the culture of wine in itself, but also in the specific context of the beauties of our country, which has so much to give to anyone who knows discover.

Fans will have the opportunity to spend a day loveable as a harbinger of cultural enrichment among the tasting tables inside the Villa Andrea Ponti, with its centuries-old park is one of the most fascinating of the many villas that have earned the name of Varese “Garden City”.